Getting a Free valuation and selling your home

When you decide to put your house on the market, the first question that is normally asked is how much is my home worth. This can be answered in a number of different ways, There are online valuation tools that can provide thats answer or a physical valuation. The online valuation is usually an average and is not unique to your home. They why it’s important to have an eEstate Agents chadwell heathstate agent visit your home and provide a valuation based on the current condition and amenities of your home.

What are the Selling fees ?

Typically estate agents can charge between 1-3% depending on your location and property type. The other type of sale is sale by tender. This means your home will marketed similar to an auction. This also has financial benefits as the cost of the sale is passed on to the buyer. This means you can save £5000-£7000 on average. Estate agents London are providing this service and will charge a 0% fee on sale.

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Choosing the Best agents in Chadwell heath?

It’s importants to select agents that provide a free valuation and have experience in the location. As areas differ so do buying habits. Estate agents London have expertise in this field and ensure you are kept up to date of the market conditions. Selecting the best Estate agents in chadwell heath means you have to compare reviews and see who is actually leading from the front with the sales. This will provide a clear picture on who will market the property to its potential to your target market.

Why choose Estate Agents London?

We here at Estate agents London look after relationships and ensure you are comfortable every step of the way. We love answering questions and providing tailor made solutions that suit your needs. Call us today for a free valuations and Start selling your home.