How to Sell your home with Estate Agents London

Selling your home is big move and it needs to be done in steps in order to obtain the best outcome. You may wish to relocate or obtain money to start a new business. Everyone has different goals but the process of selling a home is the same.

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Obtaining a Free House Valuation for your home?

This is first step that many people take when they begin to market their property. This can done by an online tool but this would not give an accurate picture. As this would take an average price of the location and is not unique. Thats why it’s important to have a local estate agent who understands the market in your area. Estate agents London would have a thorugh look at the your home. We would give an accurate picture of the current state and market conditions. At this point you may want to improve some parts of the property to increase your chances of a quick sale.

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What will be the selling fee?

Most estate agents charge between 1-3%, this is dependent on your location. Estate agents London provide 0% selling fees to all sellers. We market the property in a sale by tender which simply means the cost is passed on to the buyer. This can save you between £3000-£5000 on average, its always important to find out the best deals in your local area.

Using an Estate agents near me?

There are benefits of using your local estate agent but you will need to ensure that the agency understands the market and sale trends in that area. This is important, if the property is over priced then it can take a lot longer to sell and identify the correct price. As time is money , you will need to identify the correct price. Estate agents London help make the process simple. We ensure you understand the steps are always comfortable at every stage.

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