Estate agents -How to sell your Home

Selling your home can be challenging, especially if you have no past experience.  Estate agents London help you every step of the way. We set out the steps to ensure you are comfortable with the process of selling.

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Getting House Valuation for your home?

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Lets start with the first step, this will be valuing your home. This can be done in a number of different ways from online tools to an actual valuation. Estate agents always recommend an actual valuation because this will be unique to your home. As houses differ in conditions and amenities, The physical valuation provide a clear overview of the property and can be marketed towards the right target market.

What will be the cost of selling my home?

Selling fees differ on average Estate agents can charge between 1-3 percent of the selling price. There is always sales by tender which means you won’t be charged a fee and cost of purchasing the property is passed on to the buyer. Estate agents operate a sale by tender scheme which means you will be charged a  0% selling fee which can save you 5000-7000 pounds on average.

Choosing the Best estate agents?

There are a number of estate agents to choose from and many will market your property on the main portals. The difference between them is the experience. Estate agents London do a review on the sales trend in the area which helps to identify the correct selling price. Also provide honest advice to assist you to get a quick sale. Your property can be on the market and have minimum response due to the selling price or others in the area that area in better conditions. Choosing Estate agents London ensures that you are in safe. hands and are getting a high quality service at an affordable price.