Estate agent letting fees comparison

Estate Agent Fees for landlords

The first part is always to see the estate agent fees comparison for landlords. The landlords who are letting their property for the first time or those who are not satisfied with their existing property managers can check out for the Barking letting agents who offer the best services with their years of experience and expertise in the real estate market. Barking agents are professionals and aim to maximize returns on investment to their landlords. They not only offer a friendly and professional service but also take up the whole responsibility of fully managing the property while the landlords can just relax and enjoy getting their rent each month. The letting agents on behalf of the landlords do all the ground work like a rental evaluation of the property, advertising the property to attract prospective tenants, scrutinizing the tenant applications, inviting them for property viewing and also finalizing the tenant-landlord contracts as per the industry norms.

Letting agents comparison

Services to the Landlord.
The letting agents Barking also offer fully managed services which include the collection of rental payments, inspection of the property, scheduling repair services, action on tenants in case of any breach of the rental contract or rental arrears, inventory detailing at the time of termination and also re-letting the property without any hassles to the landlord. The landlords can also check out for the guaranteed rental program where the letting agents lease the property for 12 months from the landlords and then sublet the property to the tenants. In this manner, the landlords don’t have to face any void even thought their property is vacant and there are no hidden charges, fees or commissions to be paid to the letting agents. The letting agents shall also take the responsibility of handling gas safety certificates, legal obligations, and deposit collection from the tenant, inspections, complaints, maintenance, court proceedings if a tenant has to be removed forcefully, etc. while the landlords enjoy their monthly rental without any issues.

Services to the tenants.
The Barking letting agents offer their services to the tenants helping them find a suitable property for their requirements from their listings. They also hold the property until the date of tenancy commencement date as agreed by just taking a nominal holding deposit. They also help the tenants with the terms and conditions to be met to avail a rental property and come up with the best rental agreement contract that satisfies both the parties protecting their legal rights. The tenant fees and holding deposits of Barking letting agents are quite competitive compared to other letting agents in the industry. They not only offer residential letting services, but also commercial as well as holiday lettings for you to avail their services based on your need. There are agents who are connected to established agencies, while some letting agents only do lettings. Effective agents in Barking, agency affiliated or not, must have access to the right network to be able to market your property effectively.

It is imperative you find out if the letting agent is connected to a recognized professional agency such as the ARLA or the Association of Residential Letting Agents, just to name a few. It would be illegal if the estate agents, (or any estate agents for that matter) you come across with are operating without being affiliated with any such organisations.

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