How much are Estate Agents Fees in 2018

Estate agents Fees in 2018

Typically Estate agents can charge between 1-3 % of value of the property. This is sometimes higher in central areas and dependent on demand and supply.  Some estate agents are marketing properties on a sales by tender. This means the cost of the selling fee will be passed on to the buyer. This can typically save you between £3000- £5000 and you may need to pay an admin fee. This typically ranges between £395 to £1500 , again dependent on the area. Estate agents London are now currently running an offer of 0% fees for 2018. This means you do not pay any fees on the sale and Estate agents London market the property on a sale by tender. This ensures you maximise your gain and don’t have those deduction which will usually be paid on the sale.

Estate agents Fees in 2018Estate agents Fees comparison in 2018?

The Estate agent Fees in 2018 are fluctuating,  this is due to supply and demand in the UK. Also as Brexit approaches, buyers are waiting in the corridor of uncertainty. This is one of the reasons why sale by tender and paying no fees on the sale is becoming popular.

Why using a Estate agents Fee calculator is not a good idea?

The fee calculator is programmed to give you a fee depended on the value of your home. You may miss out on the sale by tender type of sale. It’s sometimes important to pick up the phone and call your local agents to see what’s on for offer. This can be vitally important as some online estate agents do not have an understanding of the local area. This can prove to be bad decision as the property may not be marketed to its potential. The first step is always to get a valuation and to see if properties in the area match that valuation. This can help to identify the correct selling price.


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