How to choose the best estate agents in London

How to choose the best estate agents in London

Buying property may turn out to be the worst headache in your life if you do not do it the right way. Considering the amount of money that is involved in the process, it is necessary and important that you work with the right estate agent and ensure that your interest is protected and you are within the demands of the law. Choosing the best estate agent not only ensures that you have your interest protected but you also get to be the owner of a property that you have always desired. Honesty, when you are looking for a property you must think long terms.

How to choose the best estate agents in London

The due process that gets you to finally making the decision can be made much easier and to your satisfaction if not exceed it if you work with the best in the market.

Finding the best real estate agent

What does the agency’s past customers say about the agents? This is a question that should be on you mind when choosing a real estate agent. The reputation of your agent especially within the area that you are looking to stay says a lot about what you will be getting from their services. The digital space makes it simple to get to know your real estate agent. Simply assess the google reviews of the service that has been provided to previous customers and you can assess the quality of service to expect. You can check out our reviews and evaluate the feedback from our previous customers.


It is essential that you trust the expertise of the real estate agent rather than other issues such as relations or friendship. Transferring ownership of property in the United Kingdom is highly regulated. You will prefer to maintain a strictly business position when transacting the process. The only way to get it right is by preferring expertise and experience in delivering quality over any other issue when selecting your real estate agent. Trust expertise over any other issue.


What you should know when buying or selling your property

You should know your legal duties before the sale or purchase of property. It is upon you to negotiate the price, understand the boundaries of the property, know other features included in the transfer, understand the rules on using the property, get to know the services to the property and know when the sale will be complete. Your solicitor or conveyance has the duties of drafting the initial contract, negotiation the details of contract with you and help you answer the questions that are asked. As an agency, we make this process as smooth as possible for both parties.


The names on the deeds should be yours or your intended owner after the transfer. Before the transfer of ownership, the names should be those of the owners of the property and not the agency. The period of selling the property is largely influenced by the two parties involved. If the negotiation is smooth and everything is in order then the process should take at least a fortnight.


How properties are sold

There are different ways that you may sell or buy your property. You may sell your property by tender whereby the buyer pays the requisite fees. If you are selling the house on a house for sale, then the seller will pay the required fees. These are simply the rules that you should know when you are buying or selling a property.


The process involves having the intention to sell your property and making it known to potential buyers. After the advertisement when you receive a bid, any of the parties may initiate the first contact. This involves viewing the property and informing the buyer of any other conditions of sale. This process if followed by negotiation on a good price. Some sellers prefer fixed price while other open room for negations. However, as the buyer you may seek the counsel of a property valuer on the value of the property. In most cases, the seller contacts a property valuer before setting the price.


When negotiation the price and other aspects, the solicitor or conveyancer should be around to advise on technical issues. The process involves negotiation of the details on the contract if there are any. If an agreement is met then contracts are exchanged, money transferred, the legal documents of ownership are handed over to the buyer as the new owner, and the seller vacates the property in its agreed state in the process handing over the keys.


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