Is it a good idea to invest in property in Estepona or anywhere?

Is it a good idea to invest in property in Estepona or anywhere? This is all you have to know

With the real estate sector growing at an unstoppable pace, buying a new property opens a new way to invest in the medium long term at more affordable prices. Ethics and actuarial calculations come into play. Do I rent it or sell it.The El Campanario apartments Estepona is one such investment option.

Do not miss anyone in the concept. When you acquire a home by sale, you are adding to your estate its full domain: the property and the right to use that property. It means that from the signature in the notary you own that house and you have the right to use it. However, it is also possible to acquire only the property, but not the right to use it. 

Is it a good idea to sell the bare property of my home?

Let’s see it first from the side of a fully-owned homeowner. Now that the future of public pensions is in question and that the payments do not always give to maintain a comfortable standard of living, there are people who consider selling the whole property of their home, but continue living in it for the rest of their lives, such as Your usufructuary. That way they get the agreed value for sale at the time, which can be a real economic relief for many pensioners.

And not only the usual home, you can also sell the bare property of another home that is giving rental income, or a second home on the beach, etc.

It must be borne in mind that the older and worse state of health of the future usufructuary, the higher sale price will have the numbered property, since for the investor the “theoretical” waiting time is reduced until achieving full dominance, which is equivalent to That is, the investment will be more liquid the closer the death of the usufructuary.

Depending on these two variables (health and age) and the rush of the future usufructuary to obtain the money from the sale of the property, the sale price is usually set between 50% and 80% of the value of the home. sold with full dominance in the market.

In addition to the obvious economic availability derived from the sale of the no property, there are those who consider this operation to solve the future distribution of the inheritance. Thus, to avoid family conflicts for full ownership, it is easier to collect today what is worth the no property and after death distribute the liquid savings among the heirs, or even make a living donation.

It should be remembered that when selling the nuda property, the transferor is subject to the payment of the IIVTNU (Tax on the Increase of Value of Urban Nature Lands), known as municipal capital gain. In the same way, if the sale of no property generates a capital gain, it will be necessary to pay it in the personal income tax.

Is it a good idea to invest in property?

With the rise in prices in Spanish cities who is determined to invest in brick could see any option that allows them to buy at a good price. However, buying the bare property of a home is not an investment for anyone.

The future buyer of no property, in addition to assessing and evaluating the property, also has to evaluate the physical condition of its current owner. Estimate the availability of the good to inhabit it, or sell it, estimates the life expectancy of the current owner. Therefore, it is not surprising that the seller tries to be harmed or even rely on a medical study in order to justify the highest possible selling price.

The important thing is not to get carried away only for a very low price, given the location and characteristics of the property, but to evaluate the uncertainty about the availability of the good and the leverage necessary to carry it out.

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