Property Valuations

Free house or flat valuations

Are you thinking of selling your house or flat but do not know where to start? Well, the first step is to get a professional real estate agent to do a valuation of your property. This will tell you the property value before putting it out in the market.

Benefits of free house valuation

· Estimates the current growth of your property

· Compares sales in the area

· Determines the selling history

· Determines the transfer history

· Provides the owner’s information

The following are the three tips for house or flat evaluations in London.

1. House Presentation

When you have an upcoming valuation, presentation of the property is very important. Do a thorough clean up. Make sure that the garden is looking nice. First impression counts!

The valuation agent will be more positive on a property that looks neat. For instance, if it is freshly painted, looks tidy and presents well. There is nothing terrible like going to value a house, where everything is untidy. Always try to organise the space so that it does not look smaller. The living room should be free from anything that does not belong there. In addition, remember to put the toilet seat down and the kitchen clean. In case of any paintings, ensure they are all competed as well.

The kitchen and the bathroom have a great impact on any valuation. If they are not outdated, then the chances your property will get a high valuation is positive.

2. Patience

As a homeowner, you need to be patient. After visiting the property, the valuer has his own methods of determining the property value. The most common methods are summation and direct comparison.

Direct comparison involves looking at the recent sales of the same property in that particular area. In this method, the valuer takes into considerations the following factors:

· Location

· Size

· Quality of the view

· Quality of the dwelling

In the summation approach, the valuer has to start by assessing the land value. This is important and may take a while. You need to be patient and wait for the analysis.

In addition, do not go around following the valuer pointing out every feature that may increase the value of the house. You are not selling the house to the expert, let him decide and later on, you can ask him questions.

3. Evidence of Recent Sales

The best time to have the valuation of your property done is when there has been similar sales made in your area. If you know any sales made recently, it is important that you have this information available to the valuer.

Such sales always have an effect on arrived value. One of the easiest ways to keep track of sales in your area is by attending auctions. Do not throw away the sales brochure after any auction, this will help the valuer track down the agent and confirm selling price of the property auctioned. Recent sales information is very useful if you are looking to sell your house.

In conclusion, selling your house or flat is a big decision. Therefore, you need to get it right. Do not rush into selling property without having its valuation done properly. Contact Estate Agents London for a professional valuation to maximise your valuation.