Quality Sleep Tips

Are you having trouble falling asleep and staying that way? Here are some effective tips that
could solve your problem.

  1. Create And Follow A Sleep Routine
    Your body prefers to follow a certain routine when it comes to sleeping. This means you
    should set a designated time for being in bed at night and waking up in the morning,
    regardless of whether you have the day off.
  2. Naps Are Not Recommended
    Naps can be very tempting, but they tend to disrupt your sleep pattern. Try to avoid napping
    altogether, but if you really have to rest, only do it for 30 minutes or so. You should definitely
    not nap during the evening.
  3. Pay Attention To Meals And Stimulants
    It is true that what you consume can influence how well you sleep. For example, a heavy
    meal in the evening, along with spices, sugar, alcohol, and even caffeine can prevent you
    from getting quality rest.
    While alcohol might help you to get to sleep quicker, research shows that it typically causes
    people to wake up after only a few hours. This is due to the disruption caused by your body
    processing the alcohol. But other stimulants like sugar, spice, and caffeine are just as
    disruptive for sleep.
  4. Exercise In The Morning
    Regular exercise is a healthy lifestyle choice for many reasons. In this case, it helps you to
    decompress and sleep better, but only if you do it early during the day. Extreme or intense
    exercise late in the afternoons or evenings, however, can have the opposite effect.
  5. Create A Relaxing And Dark Environment
    It is critical that your room is comfortable in every sense of the word. This includes blocking
    out all noises and lights that can cause distractions – even when you sleep. You should also
    experiment with the temperature. For most people, a cooler environment helps to induce
    rest. Invest in a comfortable supportive Sleep Number mattress.
  6. Keep The Bedroom Exclusive
    If you are serious about sleeping better at night, do not use your bedroom for other activities
    other than sleeping and intimacy. When you start using the bedroom as your office or a living
    room, your brain picks up on it.
  7. Decompress Before Sleeping
    Implement an evening ritual where you decompress and take your mind away from events. A
    good example would be to take a long bubble bath, read a good book, or let your mind go
    with some soothing music. In other words, prepare yourself to switch off.
  8. Do Not Sleep If You Are Not Tired
    When bedtime comes around and you still feel wide awake, stick to your decompressing
    routine until you get sleepy. Rolling around for an hour will only frustrate you more.
  9. Practice Deep Relaxation
    Another great way to induce quality sleep is through deep relaxation techniques. For
    instance, meditation is perfect for setting your worries free. But something as simple as
    breathing techniques can do the trick as well.
  10. Avoid Rolling Around
    When you notice you are not falling asleep, get out of bed and distract yourself for 20
    minutes or so. However, stay away from intense stimulation like watching television or doing
    office/housework. Instead, do something boring and mundane, like sitting in a chair with the
    lights off.

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