Things You Should Disclose When Selling A Property

When you are selling your property in Essex, there are certain bits of information that you have to disclose to the buyers. While some of this information has to be passed on by law, there are other things you should disclose to avoid problems with the buyer during the process. Below are a few things you should consider telling the buyers when selling your property. 

Nearby Nuisances 

A lot of properties suffer from nuisance neighbours, being on a flight path or are plagued by smelly odours from nearby farm life. If you think there could potentially be a noise or smell that comes from an outside source and that could potentially annoy the buyers, let them know. While these things may make it harder to sell your Essex home, you don’t want to be dishonest during the process. 

Relevant Repair Work 

Major structural repairs have to be reported to a buyer if they have happened in the last ten years. This piece of information should have been included by the estate agent handling the sale. Any malfunctions in the foundation of the house, subsidence or any other problems that have affected the structural integrity of the property are important for a buyer to know. This is so that they can have the home checked before they buy it by a land surveyor to see if any problems still exist. 

Pest Problems 

A little known fact is that if you have had a serious pest infestation in a property or if you have a recurring pest problem, you need to disclose this to potential buyers. Pest control is expensive and if it’s something a buyer has to consider adding into their expenses when buying a home, it may affect their decision to buy the property. If you have had any major problem with pest control in your Essex home, it needs to be mentioned up front.

Water Damage 

Water damage can not only damage your personal possessions but can also undermine the entire structure of the property. Mould growth can also occur which causes a major health hazard too. A seller should always disclose any past or present water leaks that led to any sort of damage in the property. 

Other Information to Disclose 

When it comes to selling a home in Essex, there are a number of things you may want to tell potential buyers. But the important thing is to not overload them with information. It’s best to tell your estate agent as much as you can about the property so they can value it properly and draw up all of the necessary paperwork for buyers to remain fully informed. 

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