Top 3 Tips on selling a house with Tenants

Important factors on selling house with Tenants

If you are planning to sell your house with a tenancy agreement, then there is still a target market. As some buyers are buying for the sole purpose of letting the property out. You may not need to go down the section 21 route and have the hassle of evicting your tenants. Estate agents London are experts in this niche and can market your property to ensure it meets its potential.

Legal process with tenants 

The legal process of selling the property is the same as a vacant property, the additional item that needs to be provided is the tenancy agreement.  The tenant doesn’t need to move out, there is no disruption. The tenancy agreement will be provided to the buyer and they carry out the remainder term.

The financial incentive will be that you will continue to receive the rental income until exchange and completion.

Having Viewings with Tenants in the house

Its important to have a sound relationship with your tenants and abide by the their quite enjoyment covenant. Having weekly viewing may be suitable to avoid the hassle of regular viewings. You will need provide 24 hours notice in writing to book the viewings. You will need to review you tenancy agreement to ensure that you have permission for the viewings otherwise you will need to seek the tenants permission.

Evicting the Tenant prior to the Sale

You may have located a buyer and they wish the premises to be vacated. you will now need to issue the tenants with Section 21 notice, this gives them two months and then you will need to apply to the courts if they haven’t left by then. Furthermore once the court order arrives then bailiffs may need to called to evict the tenants.

Estate agents London are experts in this field

Estate agents London provide a 0% fee on sale and this can save you thousands. We have step by step guide to ensure you are comfortable with the process.  Call us on 0203 637 7589 to book a free valuation

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