Why Estate Agents Monitor Properties For Pests

Pest control is extremely important for estate agents. The reasons why should be obvious. It’s possible that they may have properties standing empty for months, or even years. These properties are extremely attractive for pests. If pests infest the property it can cause serious issues. Whether your property is an urban area of the capital, or in a rural home county like Hertfordshire, pests make no distinctions.

A pest infestation may cause damage to the property. Vendors will have to pay for this damage to be repaired, and also to exterminate the pests. The bottom line is that implementing a pest control plan and having pest inspections are things that should be done as part of the home selling process. This will keep the property free of pests. Not only that, it will also help you save money in the long run. But how do estate agents suggest you implement a pest control plan? Here are some ideas to give you an insight.

  1. Periodically check the property

Inspection is the first step to keeping the property free of pests. Properties should never be shut up for months without anyone checking up on what’s going on. Agencies make a point of inspecting the house at least once a week or month. This will help to keep on top of any developing pest control issues.

  1. Never bring food into the home

Food attracts pests and should never be taken into the home. Now, it’s highly unlikely that viewers are going to be eating in the home, but it does happen. A good example of this is open house events. Many estate agents offer free food and alcohol at these events. While this may help to get buyers interested and successfully sell your home, it will also attract pests. If you want to prevent this from happening, it might be better to avoid snacks at an open house viewing.

  1. Don’t leave rubbish behind

It is also important to avoid leaving rubbish and clutter behind. Bags and rubbish and piles of clutter will also attract pests, so clear these away immediately. You should also remove any rubbish or clutter which is already in the house. Owners often leave behind tons clutter, which the estate agents is then left ti work around. This is a situation vendors need to do something about.

  1. Have the house fumigated

Once the owner or tenant has left, the house should be cleaned from top to bottom. This will help to avoid pests. What you can also do as a precaution, suggests Hertfordshire pest control experts Pest Exterminators Herts, is have the house fumigated. This will take care of any pests in the home, and prevent them from breeding.

  1. Keep the garden tidy

One of the reasons why pests are often attracted to vacant homes is because the garden becomes overgrown. When this happens pests will quickly move into the garden. From there they will enter into the home. To stop this from happening, the garden needs to be maintained. At the very least the grass should be cut and the bushes and trees trimmed. You may want to hire a garden service to do this.

  1. Keep the lights on

Most pests are attracted to dark places and are actually nocturnal. By keeping the lights on, you will help to chase them away. This may sound expensive, but you can set a timer to turn the lights on for a few hours during the night. This will also help to deter burglars.

  1. Get a pest contract

If the property is going to be left empty for an ongoing amount of time, by far the best way to keep the house free from pests is by taking out a pest contract in Hertfordshire. This ensures that there is regular pest maintenance being carried out, and ensures that the home doesn’t become infested by pests.

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