Why Get Pest Control In Before Selling Your North London Home?

If you are currently trying to sell your North London home, you need to take every advantage that comes to you. One of the easiest ways you can get potential buyers even more interested in your property is by using an experience pest control service. Here we are going to explore why this could be so beneficial in selling your home.

Find Any Hidden Problems

What happens if you are showing potential buyers around your property, and all of a sudden they catch a glimpse of a rat or an insect like a cockroach. This will automatically lose that sale you almost had. Many pests don’t leave behind any clues to their existence. So having pest control for your North London home before you sell could find hidden problems that you didn’t even know about, and solve them quickly.

Eliminate The Possibility Of An Infestation

Pest prevention starts by finding an issue when it first starts. Getting a pest controller to visit your home in North London before you sell it could find any traces of pest problems. These are highly skilled professionals who will root out even the sneakiest of unwanted house guests. From finding a rats nest to eliminating a squirrel problem in your attic, a pest controller can find a problem quickly that could affect the sale price of your home.

Get The Real Value Of Your Home

A pest problem that you are aware of has to be declared to anyone who is looking to buy your home before they purchase it. This is a situation that will absolutely affect the value of the property and could end up costing you money in other ways as well. The remedial cost of pest control treatments could save you thousands in home value.

One thing you should keep in mind is that having a pest infestation in your home at the time of selling doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. However, the buyers may want a significant reduction in the price because of it. Potential buyers in North London are also fully within their rights to get their own pest control technicians in and have the house treated before they move in. All of this will be at your expense and will be included in the fees your estate agent sets out.

Not telling buyers that the house has a pest infestation is against the law. Under the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations, there is an onus on the seller of the property to tell whoever is going to purchase it that pests are an issue. A reputable and reliable pest controller can help you get on top of any pest infestations before you sell your home. It’s also recommended to have an inspection before you put the property on the market as well.

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